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Welcome to 4allstudents!

4allstudents.nl is a part of Soundsupplies. We are located in Rotterdam and we have a strong passion for anything that involves sound, music en technique. Our customer base consists of professional producers, audio/video engineers and educational institutions, clients for whom we are always looking to stretch technical boundaries

As a professional store we received many questions like "Can our students buy an educational license of ..." or "Can you quote us for a multilicense Ableton Live?". That's why we started 4allstudents: a website to show students and educational institutions all educational multimedia discounted licences and hardware in one view.

We tried our best to provide you all necessary information. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Kind regards - 4allstudents

+31 10 265.73.52 | office@4allstudents.nl


Feel free to contact us for all your questions. We are available by phone and email tuesday - saterday 10.00 - 17.00 CET

Tel: +31 10 265.73.52

Email: office@4allstudents.nl

Adres: Stadhoudersweg 95D 3039EC Rotterdam, Netherlands